Thursday, March 13, 2008

Jennifer Lopez goes blonde

Four weeks after she gave birth to twins, Max and Emme, Jennifer Lopez has not only regained her svelte figure, but gone blonde too.
To have her look changed, the 38-year-old singer-actress left the kids at home in Old Westbury to visit the Rita Hazan salon, accompanied by her sister, Linda.
'Jennifer is radiant and happy, but she was ready for a little change. She wants to go blond by summer, so she made a quick trip into the city,' the New York Daily quoted Hazan, as saying.
'She talked about Max and Emme and was dying to get back to them as soon as she finished,' she added.
And in case you're wondering, this is how J Lo would look in her blonde avatar, thanks to some great imaging by Creative Director Uttam Ghosh.
Text: ANI